More Photo Bias?

Ann thinks so.

Via Drudge – the same TIME Magazine hired photographer who took this bizarre (Clinton “I’m a Beefcake”) photo:


Also took this recent photo for a cover featuring Ann Coulter:


Ann wonders why TIME can’t hire someone to take a normal picture of a conservative.

“Why can’t they just photograph conservatives straight?!” blasted this week’s TIME magazine covergirl Ann Coulter.

The bestselling author and controversialist slammed magazine editors for fronting a photo of her, she claims, which is so distorted “my own mother would not even recognize me!”

The photographer, Platon, appears to have used a wide “Fisheye” lense for the cover snap, stretching Coulter’s legs and feet — while shrinking the rest of her body.

I have to admit that the picture is bad. Ann is tall and very slender, and the lens effect on this photo makes her legs look rather chicken like. I’m sure that’s what’s buggin her the most.

Wouldn’t she have an agent who would be involved in making sure that the ‘right’ picture of Ann is picked for such a prominent cover?

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