Moonbat Bracelets

"I sort of felt ashamed, and didn’t really want to be associated with being an American," said Berns Rothchild, who lives in New York City and voted for John Kerry.

Rothchild, 35, is selling blue bracelets that say "COUNT ME BLUE," while Laura Adams, of Fairway, Kan., offers blue bracelets that say "HOPE." The McKnight family, of Moscow, Idaho, is even more direct; their black bracelets proclaim: "I DID NOT VOTE 4 BUSH."


  1. steve rabkin says:

    You folks illustrate why the Dumbocrat Party is so out of touch,intolerant and offends so many Americans while sowing the seeds of hate at home and abroad for future generations. That you should EVER be ashamed to be American is always wrong no matter what you and others may think! You clearly subscribe to the Blame America tactic used by Kerry and others long ago! If we are ashamed of anything, it should be of people like Mike Moore, John Kerry et al that DELIBERTLY re-inforce and divide America by political design since you cannot win on policy,integrity,past performance etc. I must admit that when traveling abroad, I usually tell locals I am Canadian as it removes MOST of the unjust prejudice generated and re-inforced by idiots like her, as when she is found out, NOT ONE person will ever trust her again! You Dumbocrats need to stop living in the past like you always have, and STOP making excuses for your failures, the biggest failure so far is LOSING to Bush after spending almost $8B that will and must be discussed.

    So stand up straight and STOP apologizing for being an American. It is a very complex situation,and I believe Kerry deservedly got a bum rap to begin with and was used as an example “dummy” for all others to see and learn not what to do!

    You should also take heart that many Republicans take the direct road and are efficient and to the point. As long as the Republicans are around, the Dumbocrats cannot do too much damage or flush everything down the toilet….In my opinion the world would be better if we went back to the “Republic” of the US and take out the name Democrat from Democracy and call it the United Republic of states in favor of something newer, more fresher… DUMBOCRAT, which is more representative of their collectively stupid mind-sets!!!!

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