Mocking the Terrorist Threat

By now it’s likely you’ve read about the bust up of an alleged plot to blow up the Holland Tunnel in hopes of causing a massive flood in lower Manhattan. Various reports have quoted experts who claim that even if the tunnel were to crack somehow, the Financial District would not be flooded because it is above the level of the river. This little factoid has become fodder for a few who take delight in spotlighting the stupidity of the terrorists who hatched the scheme.

For instance, a guy named ‘BooMan’ says:

These guys belong in the same category as the man that wanted to destroy the Brooklyn Bridge with a blowtorch and the guy who couldn’t light his own shoelaces on fire. I’m really scared. Are you?

Meanwhile, those clever folks over at berate the Daily News for merely reporting the plot:

The Daily News wants you to know that FEAR is BACK, exclusively reporting that the FBI has uncovered a serious terrorist plot to bomb the Holland Tunnel “in hopes of causing a torrent of water to deluge lower Manhattan.” (And disrupt all that progress down at the WTC? Terrible.) So, how is this news? When doesn’t someone want to blow us up?

And then there is Chuck Keller, who writes:

The fear mongers are at it again. It’s the one-year anniversary of the attacks in London. That puts the needle of fear back into the arms of America’s junkies.

The closer we get to November, the more we will see “NEWS” stories about “potential” terrorist threats. Last week it was the “Gang That Couldn’t Shoot Straight” in Miami. Now New York is announcing a foiled “terrorist” attack on the Holland Tunnel. “PLOT” FOILED Wow! Homeland Security makes me feel all warm and fuzzy. It is such a relief knowing they are out there working so hard 24/7 “protecting” us.

When and if the bad guys decide to hit us, they will. Hell, “Georgie” isn’t even worried about Bin Laden anymore. The special force assigned to look for him has been reassigned to “more important” matters.

I feel so safe! Don’t you?

Have we become so far removed from that day in September of 2001 that we now criticize the very people who work 24/7 to protect us from being killed? Isn’t this the kind of complacency that the terrorists hope will spread through America, just so they can once more catch us asleep at the wheel?

I for one thank my lucky stars for the brave people who are out there, watching, listening and following up on leads in order to prevent the next 9/11. What good does it do to mock our protectors? What good does it do to mock the terrorists?

Wake up, people. 

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