Missing Rita

I spent a lot of time blogging Hurricane Katrina and I guess I just wasn’t up to it a second time. Plus, I knew there would be dozens of capable bloggers covering the story, so I didn’t bother. It was a good thing too because I decided to give this blog site a much needed internal overhaul (optimizing style sheets, templates, etc.). Over the past 48 hours, a nuclear bomb could have gone off and I wouldn’t have known it.

And now that the Hurricane Rita cleanup seems to be underway, it’s pretty clear that I missed the exciting part. How fortunate it was for me to stop by Joe Gandelman’s place. He’s wrapped up the event quite nicely.

And there’s always got to be someone live blogging the ‘event’. This time, CJ was at the controls navigating Rita.

Before I tore the guts outta this site and put it back together again, I put together this list of home-grown Texas bloggers who were covering Rita. If you haven’t visited any of these yet you should.

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