Miers Blog Poll

John Hawkins at Right Wing News conducted a poll last week regarding the Harriet Miers nomination. Here’s a snapshot of the results:

The bloggers who thought George Bush made a “bad or terrible decision” in selecting Miers outnumber those who thought he made a “good or excellent decision” by more than 5 to 1.

The bloggers who “view George Bush less favorably” because of the nomination outnumber those who “view George Bush more favorably” by more than 13 to 1.

At the moment, only 41% bloggers think George Bush should “continue to support Harriet Miers” while 59% are either “not sure” or think he should “withdraw the nomination”.

Only 33% of bloggers think Republican Senators should “vote to confirm Harriet Miers” while 67% are either “not sure” or would prefer that Republican Senators “vote against Harriet Miers”.

This landed pretty much where I thought it would. Head on over to John’s place to view the full results.

MEANWHILE: The folks over at PoliPundit say ‘Nevermind’. They now oppose Miers’ confirmation.

IT’S A PARTY: John Fund has ‘Miers Remorse’.

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