Methamphetamines: Government Surveys, Google Speaks

According to the AP – Meth is a scourge.

The crippling reach of methamphetamine abuse has become the nation’s leading drug problem affecting local law enforcement agencies, according to a survey of 500 sheriff’s departments in 45 states.

“We’re finding out that this is bigger problem than we thought,” said Larry Naake, executive director of the association. “Folks at the state and federal level need to know about this.”

Who needs a survey to know that meth is a big problem in the US? I’ve got my own proof. A few months ago I posted this article which told the story of a Washington State sheriff’s department in-class meth demonstration to high school students. Ever since then, I’ve been deluged by visitors who are searching the web hoping to discover an easy meth recipe. Each day, I receive hundreds of visits from Google alone. Here are some of the words that people are searching on:

“how to make meth”
“making meth”
“how to cook meth”
“crystal meth 101”

And I can see the domain names of the visitors too – you’d be amazed where many of these are coming from. Big name media entertainment groups, TV, RADIO, the Armed Services and yes, the US Government.

So, yeah, I’d say it’s a problem.

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