Media Myths

Dr. David Lazerson details “Myths My Leaders Told Me”:

“Say a lie long enough and it’ll become truth. There’s no shortage of these absurd myths that not only bombard our senses daily in the media, but have dangerously replaced the rare commodity known as common sense.”

Go read his OpEd, but first, here’s a few myths he highlights.

  • The media keeps referring to people who blow themselves up in crowded public places as “militants” or “insurgents”. They are not. They are terrorists, pure and simple.
  • Israel is a democracy“It might be a country with a lot more freedoms than the 20-plus Arab countries surrounding it, but it is currently lacking in some important democratic principles. Any time the head honcho can simply fire the ministers that don’t agree with him in order to pass policy, then this system of “checks & balances” – so integral to the US Constitution – has gone haywire. Israel currently has a system in place that, quite frankly, gives too much power to the prime minister.”
  • The myth of “land for peace” – “It’s simply never worked throughout history. Any 6th-grade student knows that. It didn’t work with the Nazis in Europe. It didn’t work for the Native Americans. And it sure as heck hasn’t worked for Israel, surrounded by a hundreds of millions of hostile Muslims, hell-bent on a very different agenda than peaceful coexistence. Their agenda is to spread Islam. Some advocate education and conversion. A sizeable portion advocate “any means necessary”, including violence and terror. This means that any other lifestyle or non-Muslim country that has the audacity to live as it sees fit is an obstacle to their agenda, to their “holy” war.”
  • “Militant Islam” cannot be defeated; therefore, we must try to negotiate – “Negotiations and deals with terrorists is nothing more than buying time.”

In this day and age, we need more people to speak plain truth, no matter how difficult it might be. We need to call a spade a spade and deal with realities, not fantasies. Our way of life is at stake – the very freedom our ancestors fought for will be worth nothing if we allow politically correct thought to govern our land.

It’s not too late.  

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