McCain to Kerry: Do Today's Job

I’m not the biggest fan of John McCain. I guess there is something about his ‘straight talk’ that is appealing, but after reading this story, I’m wondering if he isn’t just trying to ‘give the hook’ to Kerry in an attempt to pull him off stage.

McCain wants Kerry to stop looking ahead

Sen. John McCain wants his friend Sen. John Kerry to ice his “obvious” desire to run for president again and focus on his day job.

“It’s pretty obvious, the way he’s acting, he’d like to try it again,” the Arizona Republican said of a 2008 Kerry bid.

“I’d advise him to be the best senator he could be and put those ambitions aside for a while.” McCain said he “absolutely” wants to be president himself but will focus on the Senate and “wait a couple years” to decide on a 2008 run.

Uh, I doubt you can wait that long John.

Assessing Kerry’s odds in the June issue of Men’s Journal, McCain said, “I think it would be difficult for John, for the same reason it’s hard for all candidates who don’t succeed.”

Gotta love the direct reference to Al Gore.

He said he spurned Kerry’s overtures last year to become his running mate. While the position “was never officially offered,” McCain said they discussed it during “three chats” despite his being “not interested from the beginning.” Asked why Kerry continued to pursue him, McCain said, “You’ll have to ask him that.”

While you’re at it, ask Kerry why he hasn’t released his full military records.

McCain, who campaigned for President Bush last year, praised GOP efforts but added, “I also don’t think Kerry ran a very good race . . . At the Democratic convention, I can’t tell you anything they did besides say, `Reporting for duty.’ ”

Well, there was also the incessant “I Have A Plan”. Like fingernails on a chalk board…

Kerry spokeswoman Jenny Backus responded, “It’s always fun to watch Sen. McCain quarterback, especially when he was the captain of the Bush/Cheney team.” McCain also predicted Sen. Hillary Clinton has “a good shot” at the Democratic nomination and that “it would be a mistake to underestimate her.”



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    McCain to Kerry: Do Today’s Job

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