McCain Booed in Detroit

Sen. John McCain has this little immigration problem on his hands, and potential voters are letting him know.

McCain was alternately cheered and jeered by the vocal, pro-growth, “limit-the-government” activist crowd. He was cheered for his military service and for his pledges to maintain a strong defense, to cut taxes and to veto earmarks, but he was booed for his stances on immigration and the environment.

McCain, who engaged the audience in a lengthy Q&A period, drew howls of protest and boos when he expressed support for allowing most illegal aliens to stay in the United States and when he opposed against any form of protectionism.

McCain seems to enjoy starting his stump speech by stating his support for increasing border security, which always gets a nice round of applause. Yet, when he jumps to the next bullet point, something he calls a “path to citizenship”, it sounds like nothing but amnesty to every conservative in the crowd. Does McCain believe he can win without this constituency? Does he believe he can put together such a grand, record breaking GOTV program to attract independents who have never voted before in the hope that they’ll make up the conservative voter deficit?

John McCain thinks he can get elected by emphasizing border security first, yet he hasn’t renounced the bill he championed in 2007 which also included amnesty. When will McCain lose his tin ear?

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