Mass Hysteria? Right.

Give a bonus to the public relations person who fed this story to the media, and fire the person at the editorial desk who thought this puff piece was newsworthy.

‘Mass Hysteria’ For Hillary Clinton At Commence Day Speech

“Everyone was screaming and jumping up and down. It was mass hysteria,” claims a graduate of a women’s liberal arts college in Decatur, GA, site of Sen. Hillary Clinton’s commencement day address this weekend.

With her presidential potential adding to the pomp and circumstance of commencement day, Sen. Hillary Clinton on Saturday urged graduates of Agnes Scott College to spread the cause of women’s rights and education around the world.

The ATLANTA JOURNAL-CONSTITUTION reports on Sunday: Clinton, a New York Democrat who has made two visits to Iraq and Afghanistan as a member of the Senate Armed Services Committee, said she is “very proud of our country” for standing with the women of those nations. She said it is “absolutely essential to our national security and the furtherance of peace and democracy around the world” for that commitment to continue.

“You cannot have democracy if half the people are shut out,” the senator and former first lady said. “You cannot have freedom if half the people are told they are inferior. You cannot have peace when half the people can . . . decide how the other half lives.”

She said she hopes more young women will “contribute to that great struggle abroad.”


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    Mass Hysteria? Right.

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