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Develop a good digital workflow.

Your digitization partner can help you create digital editions of your backlist, but you’ll want to be sure the processes you use to publish new books include the creation and archiving of useful electronic files.

There are large scale software solutions available today to help a publishing house manage their digital workflow. These cover every point in the process – from the moment you receive the manuscript to contracting, editing, and on through to blue lines and the actual print run. More than just highlighting milestones in a process, these systems help a publishing house archive important files created during the production stream.

But what about the publishing house that can’t afford to implement an in-house digital workflow software solution? In the same way that most publishers don’t own a printing press anymore and instead, outsource their print jobs, you can do the same when it comes to digitizing and archiving your books. Companies exist today that will do everything for you.

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