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My Mac Mini came this week. I’ve been busy configuring it, tweaking (as much as I can), and understanding it. It’s funny…the first night, I was thinking about all the reasons why I didn’t like the Mac, but dang it…each night I’ve liked it a little more. What does that mean? I’m afraid that underneath this new Tiger OS, something is hypnotizing me.

I’ve got a KVM switch so I can toggle between the Mac and my Windows box seemlessly. That’s a real plus. I couldn’t bear the thought of having to unhook everything just to run the other machine.

So, that’s really it. I’m not drinking the kool-aide yet. But for now, I’m really liking this Mac.


  1. Denise Purcell says:

    Keep on exploring and having fun with your Mac. You will be totally hooked by the end of the year!

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