Lot's Going On

No, I haven’t gotten bored with blogging. It’s just that there’s lots going on right now in Bill’s real life and that’s taking precedent over everything else, including the blog. I suppose every person who supports a blog goes through periods like this. It bugs me. I’m busy as all get out, then around 10:00 PM or so I get to sit down at the computer and…everyone in the blogosphere has already written about anything that is remotely interesting. I could write the same things, or I could simply link to everyone else. Both are uninteresting to me.

It doesn’t help that the most reported stories in the world are Howard Dean, Russell Crowe, Hybrid Men and Michael Jackson.

Things will start settling out again (eventually) and I’ll be able to get in my typical 2 to 3 hours of blogging in the morning. Until then, well, things will be sporadic.

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