Lois Lerner Emails Exist

A potential bombshell was dropped today, as it was acknowledged that Lois Lerner’s IRS emails have not been destroyed but have been backed up per normal government protocol procedures which are in place as a safety net should a government-wide catastrophe occur.

Department of Justice attorneys for the Internal Revenue Service told Judicial Watch on Friday that Lois Lerner’s emails, indeed all government computer records, are backed up by the federal government in case of a government-wide catastrophe. The Obama administration attorneys said that this back-up system would be too onerous to search. The DOJ attorneys also acknowledged that the Treasury Inspector General for Tax Administration (TIGTA) is investigating this back-up system.

We obviously disagree that disclosing the emails as required would be onerous, and plan to raise this new development with Judge Sullivan.

This is a jaw-dropping revelation. The Obama administration had been lying to the American people about Lois Lerner’s missing emails. There are no “missing” Lois Lerner emails – nor missing emails of any of the other top IRS or other government officials whose emails seem to be disappearing at increasingly alarming rate. All the focus on missing hard drives has been a diversion. The Obama administration has known all along where the email records could be – but dishonestly withheld this information. You can bet we are going to ask the court for immediate assistance in cutting through this massive obstruction of justice.

Numerous technology experts have been interviewed by the media concerning the alledgedly destroyed emails caused by Lerner’s hard drive crash. All of them said the same thing – emails are stored on servers, not on hard drives, so, the emails exist, somewhere.

Of course they were right.

Will this information be buried by the mainstream media? It’s likely. The MSM is notoriously cowardly if it appears they are “piling on” this president. I can imagine the conversation in editorial rooms across the country include hand wringing over hitting Obama hard on his golfing exploits of late. Could they immediately follow up with news of the IRS scandal blowing up? You know, the scandal that Obama said didn’t include a smidgen of corruption?

I expect crickets. 


  1. They wouldn’t tell “Judicial watch” a goddamned thing.

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