Libertarian Spoiler?

While Governor wannabees Rossi and Gregoire battle for the last vote in my home state of Washington, Ruth Bennett wrestles away a bit of the spotlight.

SNOHOMISH COUNTY – Alongside the names Rossi and Gregoire was Bennett. Ruth Bennett. She was the Libertarian candidate in the recent election, which traditionally takes the stance of more liberty for all, and less government. But in this election, Bennett says she really tried to appeal to everyone.

"The Republicans have always dissed us (Libertarians) because they think we take Republican votes," Bennett says. "I have just proven that we can also take some Democrat votes."

So far, Bennett has garnered 45,000 votes, enough that could have swayed the election either way.

"It’s important, I think, for both the Democrats and Republicans to realize that we (Libertarians) can be the balance of power," Bennett says.

Bennett admits she went into the race knowing that it would be close, and that she probably wouldn’t win. But that wasn’t the point of her candidacy. She simply wanted to be an option that wasn’t currently on the table.

No matter who eventually gets the gubernatorial nod, Bennett has some conversations planned.

"If Dino Rossi wins, we’ll go in and say ‘look, we want you to stay off same-sex marriage.’ If it’s Christine Gregoire, we’ll do the same thing. She wasn’t exactly a ringing endorser," Bennett says.

Bennett hopes to not be known as the "spoiler" for either candidate. Instead, she says this election — and her 45,000 votes — proved Libertarians have power.

"That certainly doesn’t mean that you’re a ‘king-maker,’ but it means that you can at least have some sort of influence in the political process."

Knowing Washington State like I do, it’s astounding that a third party candidate can gain 4,500 votes, let alone 45,000. It is very possible that this state is shading Purple and heading toward a good solid Red.

And No…we still don’t have a Governor yet.

UPDATE: Provisional ballots just might elect our Governor.


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