Liberals In Sheep's Clothing

Just after the election, I read this story
highlighting some of the things we could expect from a group of Republicans known as "moderates". At the time, I
discounted the report as plain ‘ol media fear-mongering. In the last few weeks though, I’ve realized that the media can’t just go to the usual suspects in the Democratic party
(Rangel, Shumer, or anyone from the Congressional Black Caucus) to comment on their disapproval of the Bush administration. It’s not effective anymore. Most people read their comments and immediately call it for what it is, partisan politics.  So now, the media runs to people like Chuck Hagel of Nebraska, Lamar Alexander of Tennesee, Richard Lugar of Indiana, Lincoln Chaffee of Rhoad
Island, and their King, John McCain of Arizona. All "Republicans". And these guys aren’t timid whatsoever. They willingly run to the TV
cameras and take the phone calls to make comments whenever they’re sought out, as if
they were almost eager to tell everyone how much they disagree with the
president. Perhaps the problem is in the label, "Republican". It’s too easy for me
to think of Conservatives and Republicans as one in the same. Where I
come from, black is black and white is white. With GOP moderates, this
is not the case. They’re Liberals in sheep’s clothing. While they
wave the flag of the Grand Old Party, they encourage abortion on
demand, support Gay marriage, push affirmative action (and a lot of other items on the
Liberal agenda). Why not just become a Democrat? What threat is there in crossing the aisle?

Then, I read this article today, and it just set me off. I’m getting increasingly annoyed by these guys.

Yes, Rumsfeld has made mistakes. Yes, he should have signed those letters personally. But, replacing him right now would be a mistake. After the elections in Iraq, sure. But asking him to resign now, when so much lies in the balance, would be wrong and could be seen as handing a victory to the insurgent terrorists.

Someone in the GOP needs to pull this group of Benedict Arnold’s together and remind them that they belong to the Republican party. They don’t need to be puppets and agree to everything in the party plank, but they don’t have to act like they’re being held Republican against their will.

Either support the party or join the other pansies like Jeffords. Better yet, give Nancy Pelosi a call. In the end, conservatives will be much better off.


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