Liberalism Fuels Riots in France

11 Days, 300 Towns, and no end in sight.

Rioting youths have taken over the country of France as the leadership passively stands by hoping it will all magically end without a heavy hand.


As President Jacques Chirac struggles outwardly to appear strong and resolved in his desire to quell the unrest, he has already lost the battle. He has lost because his government is pointing an unloaded gun. Instead of being filled with bullets, it is filled with a liberal ideology, top heavy in words but void of action.

President Jacques Chirac, in private comments more conciliatory than his warnings Sunday that rioters would be caught and punished, acknowledged that France has failed to integrate the French-born children of Arab and black African immigrants in poor suburbs who have been participating in the violence, according to Latvian President Vaira Vike-Freiberga, who met with the French leader on Monday.

She said Chirac “deplored the fact that in these neighborhoods there is a ghettoization of youths of African or North African origin” and recognized “the incapacity of French society to fully accept them.”

The problem is plain to see. When liberalism guides ones thinking, choices quickly become limited. Throw tear gas? Nope, can’t do that. We might actually blind one of the rioters and that could cause more unrest! Rubber bullets? No way. We can’t have pictures taken of our policemen shooting guns, even if the bullets aren’t lethal. That might damage our reputation as an ‘open, non-violent’ society. Arrest and jail the youths? They’re just children! What good could come of it? If we simply throw away these individuals and make no attempt to ‘help’ them through rehabilitation, we won’t ever understand their root problems. What they need is care, support…ALL THEY NEED IS LOVE!

The liberal must first ‘understand’ the plight of the rioter, the terrorist, the dissident, or the contentious objector before they have enough information in which to construct a program of solutions. Meanwhile, violence ensues, cities burn, and eventually, people die.

The French will attempt to end the unrest in the same way the approach the War on Terror. They’ll use words, programs, and collective thought with a wide variety of political and socio-economic experts. It won’t work. Their liberalism will ensure them one thing – France will continue to transform into a fracticious society led by groups holding radical fascist ideologies on one side and groups with leftist ‘hold me til I’m loved’ ideologies on the other. 

Don’t think this couldn’t happen in America. If we become distracted by the bias propagated through the media, and start to believe the distortions sold as fact by the Democratic leadership, we could elect a leftist government to power in 2008 and watch as they passively lead America down the same path of liberal understanding and enlightenment growing throughout Europe today. Just as France is becoming less ‘French’ day-by-day, America won’t be very ‘American’ anymore.

Liberalism – The risk is just too great.

MORE from Joseph Loconte

England’s House of Bishops released a report entitled – “Countering Terrorism: Power, Violence and Democracy Post 9/11″. In it, one of the Bishops was quoted as stating the following:

“Terrorism, however destructive, has to be understood, first of all, in political terms.” The real problem, is U.S. foreign policy, and the solution is “a political settlement” that “meets some of the terrorist concerns.”

Young men who blow themselves up in caf├ęs, behead civil servants and murder women and children do not have “concerns.” They have ambitions, stated openly and repeatedly. These include: the eradication of Western influence from Muslim lands; the forced conversion or elimination of alleged infidels; the use of nuclear weapons against civilian populations; and the establishment of a Taliban-like empire extending from Iraq to Indonesia.

And if we ignore the leaking drip of liberal thought as it attempts to breach the walls of our free society, this Taliban-like empire will go beyond Europe and Asia – straight to your front doorstep.

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