Leopard Sighting?

It’s an illusion.

With all the rumors swirling about Leopard’s possible April release date, developers close to the matter want to make something very clear: we’re all crazy.

There have been a lot of rumors lately from “unconfirmed” sources about Leopard’s expected ship date. For a while, everyone was sure it was going to ship mid-to-late March. Then mysteriously, the ship date (according to these anonymous sources) got shifted to mid-April—perhaps because we are already in late March. Oops.

Developers who work closely with Apple have been dying to tell the world how very, very wrong we all are.

There are 7 computers in my house. 5 are Windows machines and 2 are Macs. I upgraded one of the Windows machines to the latest “Vista” version. Lots of stuff didn’t work. I couldn’t find drivers for my wireless card. My printer didn’t work until I found updated drivers. I had to buy a new sound card. Yet still today, I feel like that machine isn’t quite right. It’s no longer reliable. That’s why I only updated one of my machines. I didn’t want to mess ’em all up. Such is the case when you jump on board the first release of a new operating system. Problems will happen.

I don’t expect a similar experience with Leopard, but I won’t be grabbing for my credit card the day the OS is released either. There’s no real reason to. With Vista, I got a new user interface, but not a lot more. With Leopard, it seems I’ll get a Time Machine (heh), something called “Spaces” and some cool new animation. There’s got to me more ‘There’ there if I’m to get overly excited about OS X 10.5.

My advise to Apple? If what I see today about Leopard is true, don’t rush it to market. I can wait.

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