Lame and Soon to be Lamer

This blog has been pretty sorry lately. It’s really a combination of a couple of things. I’m getting burned out on politics of late. The incessant echo chamber, the political correctness, the shrieking, and the petty arguments are getting seriously old. Oh, and I’m getting ready to leave the country on a business trip tomorrow (Tokyo, Japan). That’s taking a lot of my attention.

And so it goes.

I’ll be in a car, in an airport, or in a plane ALL DAY tomorrow. I won’t be reconnected until early Saturday morning. If the world comes to an end in the next 36 hours, it’s safe to say I won’t be live blogging it. Someone else will.

Be well.

UPDATE: I’ve arrived. If you’re a seasoned traveler like I am, you’ll appreciate this. I flew to Tokyo on a 747–400 class plane with capacity for over 400 people. There were only about 50 booked passengers. The flight was the first of its kind on the carriers schedule, and had only been promoted for about a week and a half. Most people make international travel reservations way in advance, so those who booked when I did found the flight. In these days of cattle car air travel, the emptiness in that plane was sheer paradise.

I doubt I’ll ever be that lucky again.


  1. Have a safe trip.

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