Killing Devils

The feds busted up a terrorist plot in Miami. Good thing they did it before the New York Times had access to the surveillance information.

The "jihad" was intended to be "as good or greater than 9/11," beginning with destruction of the 110-story tower and FBI buildings, according to court documents obtained Friday by CNN.

U.S. Attorney General Alberto Gonzales, in a news conference Friday, described the men as examples of "homegrown terrorists" who "may prove to be as dangerous as groups like al Qaeda" and who have come "to view their home country as the enemy."

Named in the grand jury indictment is Narseal Batiste, who allegedly told an informant — posing as a member of al Qaeda — that he was organizing an Islamic army to wage a jihad in the United States.

The document said that Batiste wanted to "attend al Qaeda training, along with five of his soldiers, during the second week of April and further detailed his mission to wage a ‘full ground war’ against the United States in order to ‘kill all the devils we can’ … beginning with the destruction of the Sears Tower."

Actually, it’ll be the U.S. that kills these devils.

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