Kerry Calls for International Terrorist Thug Summit

I started laughing the minute I read this headline and haven’t stopped since.

Kerry calls for international summit to quell Iraqi insurgency

Kerry, speaking with reporters after touring areas flooded last week by heavy rain, said the summit should include representatives of warring factions in Iraq, as well as Europeans, Iranians, Syrians and other Middle Eastern players. The goal should be to stabilize Iraq so Iraqi forces can assume control and the U.S. military can stand down by the end of the year, he said.

Be sure to bring Jimmy Carter along to do the introductions for you, John. He’s got lots of old friends amongst this group.

Oh, and John? What about security? How are you going to stop the “representatives of warring factions” from bringing along their own suicide bombers to your little party? Will you be there too or will you just “endorse” the meeting while you stay snug as a bug in a rug in your Boston mansion?

Oh, one more thing John. If a meeting like this really took place, and all the thugery of Iraq, Iran, and Syria came together in one location, would you be upset if the U.S. decided to interrupt the proceedings with a few strategically placed smart bombs?

Just wondering.

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