Katrina Claims Another Victim

This time, it’s the president of the American Red Cross.

American Red Cross President Marsha J. Evans, who oversaw the charity’s vast and sometimes criticized response to Hurricane Katrina, is resigning effective at the end of this month because of friction with her board of governors, the organization said Tuesday.

Red Cross spokesman Charles Connor said the board was not unhappy with Evans’ handling of the hurricane response, “but had concerns about her management approach, and coordination and communication with the board.”

Jack McGuire, the executive vice president of the charity’s Biomedical Services, was named to serve as interim president and CEO while a search for a permanent successor to Evans is conducted.

You’ve got to have the right people doing the right job. Sometimes you stumble upon the good ones, but most of the time you don’t. Disasters like Katrina have a way of weeding out the bad ones and as far as I’m concerned, that’s a good thing. Marsha Evans will be just fine, and it’s likely she already has job offers, any one of which will maintain a six figure income lifestyle.

We need the right people doing the right jobs in Washington, and hopefully a new American Red Cross president will be better prepared to deal with the immediate actions necessary in the wake of a natural disaster, while simultaneously having the ability to manage and lead the volunteers who execute those actions.   

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