Just Friends?

Overheard, just outside the Kremlin wall…


Bush: “Sorry, Hu. It’s me and Vladimir for dinner tonight. I mean, I like you…LIKE YOU, understand? That’s all.”

Jintao: “Yes, I noticed you were holding his carnation as well as yours. George, I don’t understand! Who took you out for that early morning swim in the Yangtze? Don’t you remember…the mist hovering on top of the calm water, the cool of the air, our talk we had…you, you promised me that it was real. You know…you said I was your special little china doll.”

As you can see, it’s clearly starting to ‘get’ to Laura too.


Just moments later, Putin asked…

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“Do these suit pants make my butt look fat?”

And later that night…it was dinner and a movie.

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To be Continued.


  1. Fake Quote Of The Day – Animal House Edition

    “George, honey, is it supposed to be this soft?” Elsewhere:PREZ TAKES VLAD FOR VINTAGE SPIN – [NYPost] Just Friends? – [PunditGuy]…

  2. Daily Pundit says:

    No, I Don’t Want Your Carnation – I Have A Carnation of my Own. Besides, Didn’t I Tell You, “No Committments?”

    These relationship thingies can get so …complicated at times, can’t they?…

  3. Joel (No Pundit Intended) says:

    Look at all the merit badges on that Eagle Scout!

    Oh wait – that’s a Marshal of the Army – or something.

  4. Acad Ronin says:

    President George W. Bush appears to be rather free with his favors. Didn’t we just see photos of him walking hand-in-hand with Saudi Arabia’s Crown Prince Abdullah at the Bush ranch in Crawford, Texas, on April 25?

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