Judge: Schiavo Tube Can Be Removed

Sirens blaring on Drudge, as news breaks regarding a ruling by the presiding judge in the case of Terri Schiavo. The ruling made today would allow the feeding tube to be removed from Schiavo, despite efforts by advocacy groups and congressional Republicans to block the removal. 

I’m really torn over this issue. While I understand the passion that comes from a desire to keep someone with severe brain damage alive, especially when there are those in the medical profession who believe a recovery is possible, I also can understand the feelings of a spouse, who knows his wife better than most people, who believes that life in a vegetative state isn’t life at all.

I too am conflicted over the efforts of government to get involved in this intensely personal issue, especially when I read commentary like this. I guess I’m worried that the legacy of this story will ultimately end up being remembered as a political issue, with points won on one side or the other, rather than an intimate story of the private struggle of a family making a decision for life or death. 

UPDATE: Fox News reports that the feeding tube has been removed.

MORE: Gandelman with a roundup of the day along with blogger reactions.


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