John Edwards is Stubborn

…and selfish.

Tad Devine, a Democratic consultant who was a senior adviser to the Democratic presidential candidates in 2000 and 2004, said that even without taking first place in primary states, Mr. Edwards has reason to stay in and possibly influence the result at the nominating convention.

“Even though he doesn’t expect to win, he expects to do well enough to win delegates,” Mr. Devine said. “Anybody who can command 15 percent of the vote and get on the ballot can wind up with literally hundreds of delegates at the convention, and that’s a pretty strong position to be in.”

So, the role Edwards seeks is kingmaker. Meanwhile, he goes out each day acting like he’s working hard to get votes that will benefit him, when in actuality, they’ll end up benefitting Hillary Clinton or Barack Obama. Why then would anyone really vote for John Edwards if their vote ultimately ends up with someone else? Ignorance is bliss with sheep, I guess.

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