Joe's Got Guts

I’ve got to hand it to Senator Joe Lieberman (D-CT). He recently returned from a two-day visit to Iraq, and while nearly every Democrat in Congress has a string attached to their back that, when pulled, delivers the same finite list of criticisms concerning Iraq and the Bush administration’s plan to “stay the course”, Joe bucked the trend and shared the truth about the real progress being made in the country.

“The country is now in reach of going from Saddam Hussein to self-government and, I’d add, self-protection,” the Connecticut Democrat said in a conference call with reporters. “That would be a remarkable transformation … I saw real progress there.”

Lieberman, one of the most hawkish Democrats in the Senate, said the effectiveness of Iraqi security forces and the ability of a new Iraqi government to rule after the Dec. 15 elections are critical factors in determining when U.S. troops could come home. But if all goes well, he forsees a pullout beginning a year from now.

“If Iraqi forces continue to gain the confidence the American military sees there now … We will be able to draw down our forces,” he said.

Ah, just stop a moment and savor the anomoly of a Democrat speaking the truth about Iraq. Go ahead, I’ll give you another minute.


Nice, isn’t it? How refreshing it is to know that there are individuals in the Democratic Party like Joe Lieberman who are willing to go public with a positive message about the progress of the war in Iraq. It’s an incredibly rare thing these days, and worth a moment of reflection.

I still think Joe is out of his mind on issues like abortion, school vouchers, his view of Bill Clinton’s impeachment and the outcome of the 2000 election. But for today, I’ll not worry about that and only say, “Thanks!” to the distinguished Senator from Connecticut for telling the truth about the ‘good news’ in Iraq. It’s a real testament to the great job being done every day by our men and women in uniform.

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