Jeremiah Wright is an Egomaniac

Most “men of the cloth” are humble. Most godly men shun the spotlight, seeking instead to do the work of God as a servant and not the one being served. Most pastors would rather God get the glory than themselves.

And then there’s Rev. Jeremiah Wright.

In a defiant appearance before the Washington media, the Rev. Jeremiah Wright said Monday that criticism surrounding his fiery sermons is an attack on the black church and he rejected those who have labeled him unpatriotic.

Wright seemed to relish the chance to speak out after weeks of being derided in the press. He reveled in his retorts, high-fiving an audience member, pointing and winking at his supporters and mocking descriptions of him as Obama’s spiritual mentor.

Rev. Wright is playing his 15 minutes for everything he’s got. He’s clearly an extremely arrogant individual. Whatever. What’s isn’t clear is what he thinks he’s accomplishing. Is he trying to derail Obama’s campaign? What else can explain his antics both on TV and today in front of the media at the National Press Club? The man is a wacko, but he’s smart enough to know his words will ultimately have a negative impact on Obama’s candidacy.

My contention is an Obama implosion is good for Wright and the constituency he represents. If Obama is suddenly rejected by the electorate, or the super delegates, Wright can claim that racism is the cause. His career as a “pastor” has been based on promoting the notion that every negative thing a Black man encounters in life is simply racism. It’s his primary message. A catch all excuse. If racism diminishes, or disappears altogether, it’s bad for Wright (and Jesse Jackson…and Al Sharpton, and…). His message becomes irrelevant.

Obama responded, albeit weakly today (surprise surprise), saying ““I think certainly what the last three days indicate is that we’re not coordinating with him, right?” Mr. Obama continued: “He’s obviously free to speak his mind, but I just want to emphasize that this is my former pastor. Many of the statements that he has made both to trigger this initial controversy and that he’s made over the last several days are not statements that I’ve heard him make previously. They don’t represent my views and they don’t represent what this campaign is about.”

This is pure BS. There’s no proof that Wright has just recently become an anti-american bigot. Obama attended his church for 20 years. Not once did he ever hear Wright say anything like what we’ve heard over the past weeks? Heh! Riiiiiiiight. You’re a liar Barack.

I have no doubt that Obama will be the Democratic nominee for president. I also have no doubt that he will lose in November. And he can thank his former pastor for that. Wright has virtually guaranteed that Obama will be the next George McGovern.

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  1. JJ,DESSALINE says:

    Say the true ,and the true shall set you free.we need 400,000 Pastors like rev,pastor JEREMIAH WRIGHT to save America from our wrongdoing anybody who,s applaud you when done evil thing his your ennemy.For we have too many so cal Pastor who encourage America in wrongdoing when we practice discrimination against black after they work for nothing we to Haiti American distroy it created 33 coup detat now haitian can.t even creat food to eat.we go to IRAQ we distroy it we killing more than one milion more than 3 milion of Iraqi disply,and alot of other Country victime by us.America should thank God for REV.J.WRIGHT.

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