Jack's Back

Clearly I wasn’t the only one watching the premiere episode of “24” last night. Actually, me and 10 million other people tuned in. I’ve just recently become a lover of the series. Back in November I downloaded the first season from iTunes and that’s all it took. My wife and I watched the second season (again, on iTunes), then we started renting DVDs from Netflix. We finished the final episode of season 5 last Friday night, just in time to view episode 1 & 2 of season six last night.

There’s only one problem. Now we have commercials to fast forward through…and a weekly wait between episodes.

I can’t emphasize enough how great it is to watch a series like 24 on DVD. You end up eliminating any interruptions. OK, well you do have to sleep, so maybe you have to split a season over two nights. But, you don’t have to deal with the anxiety of waiting to see what happens next. We actually handled around 4 episodes a night, which worked out great. Problem is now, the wife and I are equal to the rest of the world who must wait week by week to see what happens to Jack Bauer. We can’t bear the thought of waiting until season 6 is on DVD. Frankly, it really sucks.

24 – easily the best series television I’ve ever watched.

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