It's Hard To Comprehend

An innocent water stain on a cement wall underneath a typical freeway…yet people are bringing their sick and dying loved ones down to touch it in hopes that they’ll be ‘healed’.

So many are searching for something, someone…anything which will give them meaning in their life. They want it so bad that they’ll resort to worshipping a cracked concrete slab marked with salt water.


  1. This water stain is is causing quite the hub-bub here on the North Side of Chicago.

    On the local news the other night I saw some rube explaining how the crack “…is trying to tell us something.”

    Let me translate, the crack is saying: “RUN! The bridge has sprung a leak!!”

  2. They are searching for nothing, which, oddly enough, is exactly what they have found. Hope in the form of a stain. They look for nothing more than that, and, eureka, they’ve found it.
    What could be more convenient than a god who manifests himself in a public place and asks for nothing more than a little publicity and some flowers. What could be easier to adore than a god that doesn’t judge, ask, preach, complain, demand, instruct–just shows up on a wall.
    We’re doomed.

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