It's Called "Class"

Bush, on the death of former Texas Gov. Ann “Ma” Richards, 73.

“Texas has lost one of its great daughters. Ann loved Texas, and Texans loved her. As a public servant she earned respect and admiration,” Bush said in a statement. “Ann became a national role model, and her charm, wit, and candor brought a refreshing vitality to public life.”

Ann once called George Bush, “some jerk” and she became famous for this remark made during the 1988 Democratic National Convention, a jab made toward George Bush Sr. She quipped…“Poor George, he can’t help it … He was born with a silver foot in his mouth.”

Did she deserve such kind remarks today from the President? In George W. Bush’s world, that doesn’t matter. He looked past partisan rankor and complimented Richards’ service, her likability, and her ability to shoot straight. That’s Bush.

Contrast this with the comments made during Sen. Paul Wellstone’s funeral.

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