It Takes a Village (Idiot)

Richard Cohen of the WaPo writes that the increasing sales of Ed Klein’s book about Hillary Clinton exposes the anti-Clinton people as village idiots of our time. He notes that “it takes one to buy this book”.

As much of a liberal as I know Cohen is, this article is surprising–notwithstanding the title, his hate of and disdain for “conservatives” and anyone who challenges Hillary really comes through here. I guess the bright side is that people who are this filled with hate and contempt usually don’t make effective advocates or usually aren’t too good at persuading people.

Actually this book is a cunning Democratic plot to expose all of Hillary’s pecadillos well in advance of her 2008 run so that they will all have run out of steam by then. Hillary’s record must be used against her if we have any hope of derailing her power grab. As we’ve seen too many times before, controversy lifts the Clinton’s, it doesn’t bring them down.

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