It Ain't Right

Via Brit:

Clinton Connection

Two female senators embracing one another at a Washington Women’s History Museum may not sound like news, but video showing New York Democrat Hillary Clinton and Texas Republican Kay Bailey Hutchison hugging one another, is circulating among conservatives and Texas Governor Rick Perry’s campaign staff now admits they paid someone to shoot and produce the video.

Hutchison, a Republican senator, has expressed interest in running against Republican governor Perry next year and Perry’s campaign director says “News flash: Potential opponents trashing my governor are not going to get a free ride.” He adds, “We’re being very aggressive in everything we do. And you ain’t seen nothing yet.”

Now, if this was a general election and the opponents were Republican against Democrat, I wouldn’t think twice about this tactic. I’d expect a Democrat to play this card. But two Republicans playing this game – that’s not right.

Politics is politics, I know, but this is a wrong move in my opinion. Republicans must show the electorate that they play a better game on the campaign trail. They must identify the Left as the party of dirty tricks. If they don’t, the tit-for-tat game will further alienate voters, and more will sit in disgust and avoid the polls in future elections.

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