Israel Accepts Cease Fire Agreement

Will he? Won’t he? Will he? Won’t he?

That’s how the whole day went today. At one point, it seemed as though Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert was ratcheting up his war machine to include a ground invasion of 40,000 troops. Next thing you know, he’s signed on to a cease fire agreement. Or has he?

What the ?

I’ve thought from the beginning that a cease fire means nothing more than a loss for Israel. While they adhere to the terms of the agreement, the Hezbollah terrorists will catch their breath, restock their weapons, repair what’s been broken, and then start all over again. I mean come on…THEY’RE TERRORISTS! They’re not a State.

And forget about those pansies in the Lebanese government. They haven’t pulled their heads out from under their bed covers for weeks.

Even the Brits are misguided.

“You never get a deal like this with everybody getting everything that they want,” British Foreign Secretary Margaret Beckett said. “The question is, has everybody got enough for this to stick and for it to be enforceable? Nobody wants to go back to where we were before this last episode started.”

She obviously forgot she was negotiating with terrorists. A cease fire won’t “stick”. It’s merely a lull. A ‘time-out’ for Hezbollah. I predict they’ll start up again in no time.

And as for Olmert – his agreeing to the terms moves him one step closer to the exit door.

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