Is Blogging Dead (To You)?

I’m beginning to think it is for me.

I know, just because I’m doing less of something doesn’t mean it’s dead. Not in the least. There are tens of thousands of blogs which are updated regularly and read by gobs of people. I’ve just been wondering about how much traditional blogging has been hit by services like Twitter and social media like Facebook? A couple of years ago, the term “micro-blogging” became a part of the online vernacular but is that really something most people are conscientiously doing when they tweet or update their status? And how many of those people would have started a blog if it weren’t for Pownce, FriendFeed, and the myriad of other sites that exist today.

As is evidenced by this blog, I’m definitely doing more of the “status updating” these days.

How about you? If you’re like me and you started a blog four or more years ago and now you tweet and do Facebook, does your blog still “do it for you” like it use to?

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  1. Bill,

    i’m definitely in the mode of sorting this all out. i find that staying committed to blogging or twittering or facebooking is a big challenge. Its sort of like staying committed to running. If I have a goal – like a race – to train for, I’m great, when the race is over, I faulter. That’s the way blogging has been for me, and facebook. I’ve just started the twitter thing, so we’ll see. It’s also all very time consuming, especially when time is so short.

  2. What a sad thought.

    I just got on the blog bandwagon so I hope it is still going strong. I like the whole experience more than I expected.

    I made a facebook account last year and I enjoy that, but I think it’s a different experience than blogging.

    Facebook is more a way to stay connected to people I know in “real” life. It helps me keep tabs on the big news going on with old co-workers, college friends, etc.

    Blogging is more about actually expressing myself and maybe connecting with the world at large.

    For example, I don’t know you and I would never have met you on Facebook, but here I am writing you a comment…

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