Inside the Astrodome: "Rape, Murder, Beatings" According to Evacuees

Xeni Jardin has the story over at Boing Boing. Jacob Appelbaum has been live blogging inside the Astrodome interviewing Hurricane Katrina evacuees. There is a consistency to their stories. I don’t know how much of this is true or not.

UPDATE: Lots of people telling me this is all bunk. I have no reason to doubt that. John Hawkins with more.


  1. New Creature says:

    Came over from RWV. Read this article at the link provided to BoingBoing and wondered why “everyone has a felony here”.

    I’m overwhelmed by the magnitude of this tragedy. I wonder if those who are blaming everyone realize this was WAY beyond our comprehension. To have so many millions affected, even if everything ran perfectly, it would still be a horrible nightmare.

    Our resources are stretched too thin. There is only one way to deal with the survivors with efficiency and that is to break them down in to smaller groups and distribute them to communities nationwide. That way, each community can deal with “individuals”, and their needs rather than a massive group of faceless strangers.

    My compassion goes to the survivors, but also to those who are trying to help and it never being enough. How terrible it must feel to do everything within your power to help, but the recipiants are still screaming….”this isn’t good enough”. Sometimes, it isn’t good enough, but it is all you have.

  2. 1. Consider the “sources” you are quoting. These “reports” are about as believable as something posted in the fever swamps of the DU/Kos. These “sources” view the Astrodome as one of “Chimpy McBushitler and Halliburton’s KKKoncentration KKKamps”.Just remind them that the shiny side of the tin foil goes on the outside when you make your hat.

    2. There are over 500 HPD/DPS and National Guard members patrolling plus a 24/7 media presence there so I rather doubt that. The chief of police was on KPRC yesterday and he said that there had been some troublemakers but nothing that they hadn’t expected and planned for. He said all in all the folks at “Dome City” had been a good crowd considering the circumstances. I volunteered down there for a couple days and didn’t see or hear of anything out of the ordinary.

  3. New Creature says:

    Thanks Nahanni for the first-hand information. Got any links to good news at the dome?

  4. Xeni is an idiot, who keeps posting totally unsubstantiated crap on BoingBoing. Like the laundry list of allegations from a guy who says, “My company cleans up waste industrial gas cylinders and specialty chemicals….Today a consultant who works with us and the EPA came back from the Gulf region.”

    Included in th list is:

    Supposed plans to burn down every house in NoLa

    Seals (animal kind, not Navy kind) in and around houses.

    Hundreds of dogs being shot every day.

    In general, Xeni’s annoying posts are usually related to porn or self-promotion. On a topic like Katrina, I advise you ignore her completely.

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