In The City

I’ve arrived in the City of Brotherly Love. It’s only 1:25 AM EST (10:25 PM for us West Coasters). I expected to be here earlier, but I had a lay over in Houston and that Texas weather did a number on us. So, after a delay of about an hour or so, we were underway. Once I got to Philly it was smooth sailing.

I only caught a moment of this story (glancing at the TV in Bush International Airport). Looks like more caving to me. Why are Republicans on the hill so easily distracted?

I see that Bob Woodward continues to do whatever necessary to stay relevant. Funny how no one wants to talk to him anymore now that the whole ‘Deep Throat’ mystery is solved. Heh.

Bravo Ken Mehlman, Bravo.

Business begins at 8:45 AM. I’ll check in tomorrow sometime.

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