In Denmark (of all places)

They ‘get it’.

Queen Margrethe II of Denmark said: “We are being challenged by Islam these years – globally as well as locally. It is a challenge we have to take seriously. We have let this issue float about for too long because we are tolerant and lazy.

“We have to show our opposition to Islam and we have to, at times, run the risk of having unflattering labels placed on us because there are some things for which we should display no tolerance.”

“And when we are tolerant, we must know whether it is because of convenience or conviction.”


  1. It’s too late. As George Will points out in his column today: The day of John Paul II’s funeral, the European Union’s statistics agency reported that the decline of birthrates means that within five years deaths will exceed births in the EU. By 2013, Italy’s population will begin to decline; the next year, Germany’s will begin to decline. After 2010, Europe’s population growth will be entirely from immigration. By 2025, not even immigration will prevent declining fertility from accelerating what one historian calls the largest “sustained reduction in European population since the Black Death of the 14th century.”

    In his new book “The Cube and the Cathedral: Europe, America, and Politics Without God,” George Weigel, biographer of John Paul II, argues that Europe’s “demographic suicide” will cause its welfare states to buckle and is creating a “vacuum into which Islamic immigrants are flowing.” Since 1970, the 20 million legal Islamic immigrants equal the combined populations of Ireland, Denmark and Belgium.

    “What,” Weigel asks, “is happening when an entire continent, wealthier and healthier than ever before, declines to create the human future in the most elemental sense, by creating a next generation?”

    Chalk it up to secular humanism, the modern virus more lethal than Ebola.

  2. It would have been better had she spoke to the threat of Islamic Fascism rather Islam in cunctus, but it’s progress nonetheless. Let’s hope her warning is heard before Europe is lost.

  3. Getting it in Denmark

    Via PunditGuy: In Denmark (of all places):
    Queen Margrethe II of Denmark said: “We are being challenged by Islam these years – globally as well as locally. It is a challenge we have to take seriously. We have let this issue float about for too long be…

  4. Rewriting, for Clarity.

    The Pundit Guy already took an Instalanche on this story.
    Telegraph News… We must show our opposition to Islam, says
    Danish queen. Some of the unsubstantiated opinions in the body of
    the article need rewriting, for ‘clarity’. Heh.

  5. Les Nessman says:

    Well, I guess we’ll see carbombs and suicide bombers in Denmark soon, courtesy of the ‘religion of peace’.

    Kudos to the Queen for speaking up. Better late than never.

  6. Mungomundo says:

    I thought they had bred all the intelligence out of European royalty centuries ago. Perhaps I was wrong.
    While most of the truly intelligent europeans migrated to lands of opportunity, perhaps a few intelligent genes remained in the royal blood?

  7. Another Bush Doctrine Convert?

    Along with The Netherlands, Denmark’s always been a tolerant country and proud of that tolerance. Yet, starting even before the slayings of Pim Fortyn and Theo Van Gogh provided “education by murder” in the Netherlands,

  8. UNCoRRELATED says:

    Danish Queen has a backbone

    Usually on the weekend, I try to read some European papers online and was greeted with a little gem about the Danish Queen speaking her mind about Muslims in Denmark. Queen Margrethe II said: “We are being challenged by Islam…

  9. Half Sigma says:

    It’s refreshing to see that someone in Europe has some common sense. Given current demographic trends, Western Europe is in danger of being overrun by Islam unless they do something about it.

  10. Irene Adler says:

    Denmark’s been at the fore-front of the anti-Islamization of Europe for quite some time. They clamped down on arranged marriages and the import of spouses from “the old country” by Islamic immigrants some years ago already.

    Their centre-right PM Fogh Rasmussen was returned with a majority in March.

    For those of us who follow the news about Islam in Europe, it’s not surprising to see resistance coming from Denmark; it’s just surprising to see the resistance reaches all the way up to their Queen.

  11. American Values says:

    I think when Europeans turn against Islam we Americans should rejoice that we’ve distanced ourselves … from Europe.

    Modern American values and modern Islamic values aren’t all that far apart. With whom do you have more in common: an Allah-fearing, gun-toting Muslim who believes in hard work and not backing down from a fight, or a helpless welfare statist 35-hour-work-week Euroweenie appeasnik?

    Come to think of it that gives us, Israelis, and Muslims more in common with each other than with Spain. I’d bet honest American dollars that disgust with Spain’s appeasement of terrorism is as strong amongst Iraqis and Israelis as it is with us Americans.

    Still skeptical? Think about this: what’s more likely to happen? Muslim democracies giving women the right to vote, or European citizens regaining the right to keep and bear arms?

  12. The Pink Flamingo Bar Grill says:

    Understanding the threat in Europe, is it too late

    Queen Margrethe II of Denmark speaks more plainly and with more guts and power than even our journalists!

  13. For those of you who would like to think that the Danish monarchy opposes Islam as much as you do, you need to read all of Queen Magrethe’s words, and be a little more skeptical about misquotes.
    I’m not going to bother quoting her. Find it yourself. But when you read it all, you find that she was referring to radical Islam, and specifically those who live only for their religion, which she said includes some Christians. There has also been Danish legislation recently passed to curb religious extremism. Fine.
    While you’re patting yourselves on the back for being right about Islam, don’t forget that the more important issue is that the Danes have completely rejected the American leadership’s fearmongering about terrorism. Many Americans allow themselves to be frightened like children of every imaginable terror by our government, while the Danes have consciously refused to allow the potential for terror to frighten them into changing their way of life in ways that restrict their freedoms and their way of life.
    And finally, they aren’t joining the war on terror, the war on Islam, or the war on Iraq.

  14. Niel, now that you are rested up from your lecture, perhaps you can Google on “Danish troops in Iraq”.

  15. The Danes, in the form of the many I knew during my time in Brussels, are quite horrified at the changes wrought on their country by Islam. The Queen’s speech is a colossal understatement of the way her citizens are feeling at present, and it’s one reason why the Danes went to Iraq (sorry Niel, they are there). In fact lots of the western Europeans I knew are horrified at Islamic-borne alterations in their societies. The people realize what’s going on, except perhaps for people under age 27, which are the only people the news panders to these days. They’re the ones in all those anti-American rallies. The older folks know better, and they don’t go out at night in downtown Brussels anymore. Young Islamic men, Moroccan or Algerian, make it very dangerous to take an evening stroll in many parts of the old city.

  16. It’s so sad that after two devastating world wars, there still is so much intolerance, ignorance and hate in the world. I have lost the respect I held for the Danish queen. One would expect that an educated person would know better than that religion has nothing to do with the effort or ability to learn a language. Can you imagine how utterly bizarre it would be if some royal somewhere in the world would state that “Those Christians need to learn to speak our language”…? I think also that it is much more respectable to live for a religion and one’s faith rather than to worship vulgarity and materialism as is the case in many Western societies today.

  17. Say as far as you can, nothing will be changed. Our respected proghet Munammad “peace be upon him” will be always in our hearts. And you know that Islam and Muhammad are the truth. AFTER DEATH YOU WILL KNOW THE TRUTH.

  18. MOSLEM'S GIRL says:

    I have reviewed what some of the news agencies dealt with concerning the Danish news agency Jyllands-Posten had published, which I believe it to be a heinous mistake and dreadful deviation from the path of justice, reverence and equality. The said agency published 12 cartoon caricatures on the 30th of September, 2005, ridiculing Mohammed , the messenger of Islam. One of these cartoons pictures Allah’s Messenger PBUH, wearing a turban that resembles a bomb wrapped around his head. What a pathetic projection!

    I was extremely saddened to read such news.
    I personally visited the site of the agency on the net.
    I examined the size of the blundering scandal it was. On Sept 29th, 2005 issue of , Jyllands-Posten, I saw and read dreadful news and cartoons.
    The news and the cartoons were horrifying and extremely disturbing to me.

    I believe al Muslims who read, viewed or learned about this news were equally saddened, disappointed and disturbed. All criticized such work and felt awful and dismayed about it. Similarly, I do believe that all sane and wise people, I believe, would feel the same about it.

    The contemporary world is witnessing today great much confusion all over. Innocent blood is being shed. Innocent lives are being harvested by oppression and transgression. We are in utmost need to spread peace, justice and love all over the world. We need to call for the respect and reverence of all Divine and heavenly Messages and Scriptures. By doing so, we would be able to preserve the divine messages and demonstrate love, appreciation and reverence to the Prophets and Messengers of Allah, the Almighty to this world.
    We would further help to preserve the souls, honor and belongings of all mankind all-over-the-world. We would further demonstrate the respect and honor of the human rights all over the world.

    The claim of Jyllands-Posten newspaper that they allow, promote and practice freedom-of-speech, by publishing cartoons ridiculing Mohammed the Prophet of Islam, is a non-convincing claim. All worlds’ constitutions and international organizations insist on and demand to respect all the Prophets and Messengers of Allah, the Almighty. Moreover, they confirm the necessity to respect the Divine Messages, respect others and do not attack the privacy, dignity and honor and principles of others.

    In the International World Federation Council of media and press people, it is stated:

    ) Media people must be alert of risks that may arise as a result of prejudice and discrimination implied by the media. The Council would exert every possible effort to avoid being involved in such calls, which are based on prejudice and religion, sex or other social differences discrimination.
    A media man may commit a dangerous professional deviation such as: claiming other’s work, ill-interpretation of facts, false accusations of others, condemning others for no basis, accusing others with their integrity and honor for no sound basis or accepting bribes to either publish or prevent the publishing of specific materials.
    A noteworthy media-person should believe that it is their duty to give an honest attention to the aforementioned items, and through the general framework of the law in each country.)
    Therefore, we also base our opinion and/or statements herein on an honest and sound media proclamation requesting the Danish newspaper to apologize for what they did. The proclamations states: “The media person would exert every possible effort to correct, modify any published information that he/she noticed that they are inaccurate and/or harmful to others.”

    Undoubtedly, what the Danish newspaper; Jyllands-Posten published is harmful not only for more than two hundred thousand Danish citizen, but also to more than one-billion-three-hundred-million Muslims along with others who are fair and just people. All these hurt people honor, respect and love Mohammed the Prophet. This action will continue to hurt and harm all Muslims so long we live on the face-of-this-earth. Denmark, if does not deal with this problem on a fair ground, will also continue to be a source of harm and convulsion to many Muslims. This is because of the mentality of some Danish individuals who are anti-prophets, messengers and divine messages.

    We would like to remind also with the decree which the Human Rights Agency in the United Nations adopted on the 12th of April, 2005. This decree insisted on the ban of distortions and vicious attacks against religions and especially Islam; which had been strongly attacked in the last few years.

    Finally, I would like to inform you that all Muslims will certainly stop their commercial business dealing with Denmark until they openly and officially apologize for the shameful attack to the person of Allah’s Messenger SAAW by Jyllands-Posten newspaper.

  19. I am sure that you have limits of “freedom of speech”, you CAN joke on your queen, pope, danes … but you CAN NOT do that to jews, for example you can not say that jews who killed in holocust were not 6 million, they were 5 millions only,

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