I'm Sure There Are Worse Ways To Die

But this one sounds particularly bad.

Teenager murdered in axe attack

Student Anthony Walker, 18, died in hospital after being attacked in Huyton, Merseyside, on Friday night.

Mr Walker was taunted while at a bus stop on St John’s Road with his girlfriend and a male cousin. They moved but were attacked in a park.

His girlfriend and cousin, both 17, ran to get help, but when they returned he was slumped on the ground with serious head injuries.


When I hear or read the words ‘axe attack’ I immediately think of the movie ‘The Shining’. I’m talking about the part when Jack Nicholson hid behind a pillar in a great room of the Overlook Hotel as Scatman Carothers was walking in slowly, trying to find out what had happened to the Torrence family.

There were a lot of ‘jumpy’ parts in the movie, but for me, that scene was the most unnerving.