Illegal Immigrant May Day a Failure

That’s what you’d think by the results of this poll.

A new Zogby poll of likely voters, using neutral language, finds that Americans prefer the House of Representatives’ enforcement-only bill by 2-1 over Senate proposals to legalize illegal immigrants and greatly increase legal immigration. The poll was conducted for the Center for Immigration Studies.

There is strong support for the House bill: 69 percent said it was a good or very good idea when told it tries to make illegals go home by fortifying the border, forcing employer verification, and encouraging greater cooperation with local law enforcement while not increasing legal immigration; 27 percent said it was a bad or very bad idea.

Now, can someone tell me why the Republican led Senate and our President want to ignore this clear referendum and pass a bill which amounts to no less than amnesty for illegal aliens? What explains the tin ear? Beltway bubble-itus? Election year paranoia?

It’s maddening.

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