I'll Take a Double Tall Canvas Print Please


Only in Seattle! The coffee capital of the world, could we find an artist who paints with coffee. His name is Ezju. One name. But a lot of talent. Here’s how it works:

Ezju makes 8-10 pots of coffee. "And then I boil it down to make this real thick consistency," Ezju says. He has to brew it just right. "If you burn it, it gets all plasticy and elasticy. You can’t do anything with it," he says.

Ezju got the idea to use coffee when a friend of his spilled coffee on a napkin. they looked at the napkin and joked ‘That’s art!’ Ezju has been using coffee for his paintings ever since. "I think it’s warm. Rather warm and inviting," he says referring to his work.

And brown.

Uh, maybe I’m an artist too? I just replicated the same artwork shown above on my kitchen counter without even trying.

Check out more of his "art" here.

UPDATE: Ok, I admit, these are better.




  1. Bring our kitchen counter in and we’ll put it in the show! Thanks, it was fun to find my work here.


  2. Nobody’s paying you to display your kitchen counter, though, are they?

    Have you, by any chance, looked at the art in, say this article (http://seattletimes.nwsource.com/html/living/2002102485_coffeepaint29.html), which I found by — somewhat ingeniously, I will admit — following a link off the front page? Are any of the pictures there worthy of the insidious and patronising “scare quotes” around the word art, merely because they paint with coffee and not with, for example, tempera paste?

  3. Thanks McDuff,

    If you are interested in checking out some more of the coffee art you can go to http://www.nosuchanimal.net


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