I Recognize That!

It’s MATH, something I haven’t thought a lot about since I was in college. Michelle Malkin has been using it lately. She’s looking into a subject that is near and dear to most serious bloggers. Hits. Visits. Visitors. Instalanches. So, get out your calculator, and do a little checking of Michelle’s arithmetic for yourself.

Oh, and as discussed here previously, PunditGuy is no where near the size of the blogs she mentions. I’m not even on Michelle’s blogroll forgoodnessakes.

Respectfully yours,

Mr. B-List

By the wayMichael Totten wrote a related article about the accuracy of SiteMeter and similar hit counters. In light of Michelle’s info, this is worth revisiting.


  1. Michelle Malkin says:


    According to the Wall Street Journal, “Some eight million Americans now publish blogs and 32 million people read them, according to the Pew Internet & American Life Project.” 8 million bloggers! 32 million readers! John Hinderaker doesn’t believe the h…

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