I Might Be Busy Today

This just arrived at my house.


UPDATE: Whoa! Where did that day go?

Do you realize how fast the hours can go by when you receive a Phillips 37” Flat Panel LCD TV? What? You think I was sitting and watching television all day long? Heh, I wish. The setup on this thing is killer.

First, I replaced all the speaker wire in my living room. I brought in Monster Cable XP-CI speaker wire to all 5 speakers. Cutting wire, stripping wire, twistin’ wire, and crimpin’ wire takes A LONG TIME.

Next, it was the new television stand, because I’m too cheap to have the guys at Best Buy install the stuff (their cheapest install package was $399!). So, I had to pull this baby out of the box and build it.


And that didn’t go up in a couple of minutes either.

Finally, I got to unpack the TV, put the legs on and set it on the new table.

Then, came the tweaking – picture, surround audio, HD resolution, etc., etc., etc.

I’m still not done.

But wow…what a great TV, and a GREAT (early) Christmas present.

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