I Don't Want An Apple Watch, and You Shouldn't Either


I could easily point to this article on Engadget and be done. Go ahead an read it, because many of the arguments made there resonate with me. My honest thoughts are these:

  • Apple Watch needs a separate charging plug. That’s just another I need to carry with me.
  • The device requires an iPhone. Do you have to have it in your pocket? In proximity? Why wouldn’t I just pull out my phone instead of looking at my wrist?
  • Aside from my wife, why would I want to send my heartbeat to anyone? And even with my wife, wouldn’t that get old after awhile? “Yeah, honey, love you too…ok, right…now, shut that heart beat off…I’m busy.”
  • Won’t my arm start to ache after holding it up for long periods of time? Isn’t that the beauty of a wrist watch? You only have to raise your arm for a split second to see what time it is, then you’re done. Now, I’m going to be holding my arm up for how long? 5 minutes? 10 minutes? If it’s only a minute or two, that’s an expensive device for a quick look. Again, I should just take out my phone.
  • Since when does anybody want a version 1.0 of ANYTHING Apple releases? Early adopters, that’s who. In a year, that watch is going to be half as thick. And you won’t need an iPhone either. And it will do more.
  • I stopped wearing a watch 8 years ago. Why will Apple Watch make me want to wear one again? I really can’t think of a reason.

So, there you have it. My blog, my feelings. I’ll be in line for Apple Watch 2. Or…maybe 3.

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