Huffington: 100% Grade A Moonbat

Congratulations Arianna, you’ve made it. You are now certified 100% Grade A Moonbat. And what was it that pushed you over the line into Moonbatsville? This statement:

I’m not saying that Plamegate is the same as Watergate. I’m saying it’s worse. Much, much worse. No one died as a result of Watergate, but 2,000 American soldiers have now been killed and thousands more wounded to rid the world of an imminent threat that wasn’t.

Yep, you read that correctly. As a result of Plamegate, 2,000 American soldiers have died.

Moonbats have an uncanny talent. They seem to be able to take any current event, be it a tragedy like Hurricane Katrina, or this, a case about a wannabe celebrity (Joe Wilson) who decided to use the status of his wife (Valerie Plame) to gain access to fortune and fame, and link it to the war in Iraq.

For the Moonbat – Everthing is about Iraq, and vis-a-vis

Complaining about Iraq will not get you elected in 2006. Pointing at someone and calling them a liar without having any plans for how you would lead is not going to get a Democrat elected president in 2008. But the Moonbat believes differently, and this is why Liberalism hasn’t swept America. The truth is, the Moonbat doesn’t understand America. The Moonbat doesn’t understand who Americans are. They don’t know how Americans feel. They don’t know how Americans think. Normal Americans might not like the way the Iraq war progresses one day to the next, but they know what War is, and they know that a free Iraq is far better than Saddam’s Iraq. They know that the Iraqi people are willing, when given the freedom and opportunity, to vote in a new government that will build democracy to a new Iraq. No one expects this to be accomplished in a couple of years. In fact, it’s likely that the Iraqis who are voting today and working to regenerate their country are doing it more for their children and grandchildren than for themselves. For them, the Iraq of tomorrow is worth fighting for today.

But the Moonbat doesn’t understand this. Liberals see the evidence of a germinating freedom seed, but they deny its potential to grow into a tall Redwood tree.

So again, high-fives all around for Arianna Huffington, a newly minted Moonbat. You wear it well, dear.

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