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Way to go Christine.

Washington State Governor Gregoire barely gets elected, then turns around and proposes to raise taxes. She wants to collect $203 million over the next two years.

Gov. Christine Gregoire proposed raising $203 million in taxes in a two-year budget that avoids major cuts in services and spends millions on raises for state workers and teachers, reducing school-class sizes and creating two new four-year colleges

Deep cuts, widely expected a few days ago, are largely missing in her $25.8 billion general-fund budget. Gregoire would close a projected $1.6 billion shortfall, in large part, with steps that don’t cause immediate pain. For example, she would save $524 million by making changes to the state pension system and deferring payments to it. Gregoire proudly called it “a legacy budget” that moves the state forward.

Robbing Peter to pay Paul. Just perfect.

If you’d like a glimpse at what a Hillary presidency would look like, watch Gregoire.

Goal #1 – get into power by any means possible.
Goal #2 – govern as a raging Socialist no matter what you said to achieve Goal #1.

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