"Houston, We Have a Moonbat Problem."

Ground Control to Environmentalist Wacko, come in Wacko, do you copy?

Shuttle commander sees environmental destruction from space

Commander Eileen Collins said astronauts on the shuttle Discovery had seen widespread environmental destruction on Earth and warned today that greater care was needed to protect natural resources.

“Sometimes you can see how there is erosion, and you can see how there is deforestation. It’s very widespread in some parts of the world,” Collins said.

Collins, flying her fourth shuttle mission, said the view from space made clear that Earth’s atmosphere must be protected, too.

“The atmosphere almost looks like an eggshell on an egg, it’s so very thin,” she said. “We know that we don’t have much air, we need to protect what we have.”

If the Commander would have said something like, “The evidence of the perfect work of God is in everything I see here in space”, the left would have gone crazy. The MSM would have stuffed the story. But no…Collins talks about the environment and it’s a front page story.

Someone on board should immediately check the flow of the oxygen feed to Commander Collins.

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