House Dems Contest Electoral Vote Count

Via The Witchita Eagle:

A handful of House Democrats plan a long-shot effort to snarl President Bush’s formal re-election by preventing Congress from counting Ohio’s pivotal votes when lawmakers tally the electoral vote on Thursday.

No one expects the action to undo Bush’s victory. Instead, it seems likely to do little more than call attention to Election Day voting irregularities, a growing frustration for Democrats who blamed similar problems in Florida for Bush’s 2000 defeat of Democrat Al Gore.

Did someone forget to tell these guys that their party lost by 3,000,000 votes? Who didn’t get the memo?

Petty and pathetic.


  1. The democrats are not trying to win victory over bush .

    60% of the Democrats realize bush is president .

    However there have been irregularities . It’s called democracy what they are doing .

    America used to believe in it *************************

  2. The Prophet says:

    There are huge irregularities with the election. How come is it that we can get more accurate results from a vote on an online poll than our own most important vote in our country. Some states still use paper ballots and then biased individuals count them. We should have our votes counted by machines, not by biased people with power.

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