Home Again

Ah, travel. Some love it, most hate it. I hate it. We left Grand Rapids early enough to drive back to O’Hare in time to have a couple of hours before our 3:45 PM flight. No problem right? Right. We got to the airport right on schedule. We moved through ticketing and security, ate at Wolfgang Puck’s, then moved to the Delta lounge. All good. About 3:00 PM or so, we walked over to our gate, only to find that our 3:45 PM flight was delayed until 6:00 PM. Back to the lounge we go. The Delta lounge isn’t one of the better ones at O’Hare, so we were pretty much bored, and the heat was turned up a bit too much, so one couldn’t help but drift off into a half sleep. Not fun.

Wheels were finally up by 6:25 PM and we landed in Seattle at around 9:30 PM. I pulled into my driveway at midnight, but with the time change it felt like 3 AM.

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