Hitchhiker's Guide on Smart Phones

If you have a smartphone or cell phone with a WAP browser (here’s mine), check out the BBC’s real life tribute to The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy. The movie opened this week.The mobile (stripped down) address can be found here and both addresses get you access to over 7000 common and eclectic encyclopedia articles. The BBC partnered with HG2G author Douglas Adams to create the site back in 1999.Thumbtype “tipping”, click ‘search’ and voila, the top two articles are “international guidelines for tipping” and “cow tipping”. Both useful when you’re in the field on business.Give the Surprise Me! link a try; I was treated to a random article on Scuba Diving in Croatia.Much like Wikipedia, users can contribute and edit entries, though h2g2 (someone’s domain squatting hg2g.com) is more random and unique with articles ranging from stuffed pork chop recipes to sign language etiquette. Sure, wikipedia has 520,000+ more articles than h2g2, but until wiki has a mobile site, h2g2 loads quick and is a great time waster while your wife is trying on clothes or you’re waiting the requisite 45 minutes for your doctor’s appointment.

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