Hillary Will Destroy the Democratic Party To Win the Nomination

Don’t think she’ll do it? Think again. Hillary spoke with Gretta Van Susteren from Fox and said the following about her fight to go all the way to the convention.

CLINTON: Well, you know, you can always go to the convention. That is what credential fights are for. You know, let’s have the Democratic Party go on record against seating the Michigan and Florida delegations three months before the general election? I don’t think that will happen. I think they will be seated. So that is where we are headed if we don’t get this worked out.

VAN SUSTEREN: What about the pledged delegates right now? Are they likely — do you have any position on them sort of moving over in one direction or the other?

CLINTON: Well, you know, delegates are free to exercise their judgment, all delegates, whether you are from a caucus or you are from a primary or your so-called appointed delegate.

It’s one thing to read the words she said, but you must watch the video to really see the anger and determination Clinton has in this. If she’s not the nominee, she’ll make sure everyone goes down. When you think about it, she’s pulling a suicide bomber move on the Democratic Party.

Video, via NewsBusters, here.

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  1. Jill from Western Australia says:

    Wake up America…the disengenuous Clinton’s are at it again!!! Raise Taxes & tell you that you are better off!!!…LOAD OF CROCK!!! I watched today a Tomato Farmer state that if he didn’t have the illegals to pick his crop {paying them a pittance} then he would plant CORN which could be REAPED BY MACHINES!…Well…he is a TRUE DEMOCRATIC PATRIOT! {bet he lives very comfortably!!!}

    Sadly that “3:00 AM” phonecall will come BECAUSE AMERICA HAS FAILED TO SECURE THE BORDERS!!!!…”Billory” would probably “flip-flop” like John Kerry…”McCain” would deal with it in a calculated military way!!!…..At least Obama “flip-flopped” around his “Pastor”…whilst Hillary TOLD BOLD FACED LIES THAT SHE WAS UNDER FIRE IN BOSNIA!…I am “gobsmacked” that any AMERICAN can believe her disgracefull way that she “EXPECTS” to take control of the White House!

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